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Analyse im Landkreis:

These are the results of Caty-E. Leinemann Immobilien in the ProperBird agent test. ProperBird compares for the first time more than 15.000 real estate agents objectively and on a local basis. Thereby . The performance was calculated based on selling prices, selling speed and marketing efforts. Caty-E. Leinemann Immobilien typically achieves +1% higher sales proceeds than other real estate agents in the area, while selling the object +33% faster. This means properties are expected to be sold after on average 59 days. To do so Caty-E. Leinemann Immobilien undertakes, with +23%, above average marketing efforts in comparison to the local competition.

Price performance

Landkreis: Hannover (Kreis)

The sales price describes the deviation of listed pices from estimated market values obtained by industry standard procedures compared to the average real estate agent in the same area. The higher this percentage, the better.

The prices of the listed objects of Caty-E. Leinemann Immobilien are typically +1% higher than the market value we believe it is worth based on standard methods compared to the competitors. Typically, objects sold by Caty-E. Leinemann Immobilien are worth 259,000€.

For analysis, we collect the listing prices of all listings from a real estate agent. We then determine the market values of the advertised properties and calculate the deviation between market value and offer value. This deviation is determined for all agents in a region. Finally, we compare the price deviations of the different agents locally with each other and publish the comparative values.


Speed performance

Landkreis: Hannover (Kreis)

The sales speed describes the duration listings of a real estate agent are on average listed online in comparison to those of local competitors. This time window starts with the upload of the offer till the listing is taken off the website. The higher the percentage, the shorter the properties are listed and therefore the faster they are sold.

Caty-E. Leinemann Immobilien sells properties on average +33% faster than other real estate agents in the region. This results in objects typically being sold after 59 days. To evaluate the speed performance, we observe for how long a property is listed and calculate the average over all listings of a real estate agent. This value is compared with the data of the other agents active in the region. In this way, for Caty-E. Leinemann Immobilien a value of +33% or 59 days is obtained.


Marketing efforts

Landkreis: Hannover (Kreis)

Marketing efforts are calculated from the description text length as well as from the amount of pictures uploaded to the listings, all compared to loacal competitors. The higher the percentage, the higher the marketing effort the agent is putting in for each listed property.

Listings by Caty-E. Leinemann Immobilien are marketed with above-average efforts of +23%. Usually this real estate agency uses 4,116 characters and 15 pictures for a listing of theirs.

Based on these values, text length and number of images per exposé, the percentage marketing effort is calculated. Here, too, this results from a local comparison of the average number of characters and images per listing for each agent.


Typical object

Landkreis: Hannover (Kreis) & angerenzende Landkreise

The displayed ratio is obtained by averaging over all sold properties of the agent.

The typicall sold object of Caty-E. Leinemann Immobilien has 4 rooms and was build in 1977 with an area of 109m². In our observation period from November till May Caty-E. Leinemann Immobilien sold 5 properties and rented out 5. Therefore, Caty-E. Leinemann Immobilien is commissioned by majority for sales.

Reference objects

Landkreis: Hannover (Kreis) & angerenzende Landkreise

This is a list of randomly chosen properties listed by the agent which are already sold. To get more insight into the comparability of your own property, we suggest you use our valuation tool linked at the top of this page.

Active area

Alle aktiven Landkreise

This map shows in which areas the agent was active before and therefore brings local knoledge to the table. Displayed are sold and rented privatly and commercially used objects. Red areas symbolize agglomerations of properties.

No data available

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Falls Sie sich bereits für Caty-E. Leinemann Immobilien enschieden haben, gehen wir mit ihnen im Beratungsgespräch noch einmal über deren Bewertung, um sicherzustellen, dass der Makler all ihren Ansprüchen gerecht werden kann. Falls Sie ohne Präferenz in das Gespräch gehen, finden wir in unserer PLZ-genauen Maklerdatenbank gemeinsam den richtigen Makler für Sie.

Bewertung der Immobilie

Nachdem der beste Makler ausgewählt ist, hilft ProperBird Ihnen eine realistische Einschätzung des Zeitwerts der Immobilie zu erhalten. Dazu vergleicht ProperBird die zu verkaufende Immobilie mit mehr als 5 Millionen erfassten Objekten, um den Marktwert automatisiert genau zu bestimmen.

Betreuung bis hin zum Verkauf

Ist der passende Makler identifiziert und der Immobilienwert ermittelt, übernimmt ProperBird die Erstkommunikation mit dem Makler für Sie. So kann sichergestellt werden, dass der ausgewählte Makler den Anforderungen entspricht. Zur weiteren Qualitätssicherung bleibt ProperBird regelmäßig mit dem Makler und Ihnen in Kontakt.

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