Frequently Asked Questions as home sellers

You as a home seller pay nothing to use ProperBird. Also, you save time through our simple contact form. You simply compare the realtors in your region, select the one that suits your needs and contact them with a few clicks.

ProperBird's service is targeted at home sellers who wish to sell their home with a real estate agent. We empower home sellers to make the right decision in one of the biggest financial transactions in their life.

There are various characteristics that distinguish good from bad real estate agents. These characteristics may vary depedning on different circumstances. In our 'Total Performance' we combine the performance of the real estate agent based on three characteristics: price performance, duration performance, and expose quality. These characteristics are weighted as 60% (price performance), 20% (price performance), and 20% (expose quality). In addition, you can also sort the real estate agents based on your individual needs.

ProperBird enables you to compare real estate agents based on objective performance data. You have control to decide what metrics are important for you throughout your sales process. We simply provide you with the facts to ensure greater transparency.

Type in your ZIP code and start comparing the perforamce of the real estate agents in your region. It's entirely up to you to choose which agent you want to work with. Then we help you make the first contact with that agent to proceed with your transaction. You are welcome to request multiple agents.

ProperBird is founded to provide transparency in the real estate market. As an intermediary platform between seller and real estate agent, ProperBird is paid by the real estate agent for the customer acquisition after a successful sale.


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