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Frequently Asked Questions as home sellers

You as a home seller pay nothing to use ProperBird. Also, you save time through our simple contact form. You simply compare the realtors in your region, select the one that suits your needs and contact them with a few clicks.

ProperBird's service is targeted at home sellers who wish to sell their home with a real estate agent. We empower home sellers to make the right decision in one of the biggest financial transactions in their life.

There are various characteristics that distinguish good from bad real estate agents. These characteristics may vary depedning on different circumstances. In our 'Total Performance' we combine the performance of the real estate agent based on three characteristics: price performance, duration performance, and expose quality. These characteristics are weighted as 60% (price performance), 20% (price performance), and 20% (expose quality). In addition, you can also sort the real estate agents based on your individual needs.

ProperBird enables you to compare real estate agents based on objective performance data. You have control to decide what metrics are important for you throughout your sales process. We simply provide you with the facts to ensure greater transparency.

Type in your ZIP code and start comparing the perforamce of the real estate agents in your region. It's entirely up to you to choose which agent you want to work with. Then we help you make the first contact with that agent to proceed with your transaction. You are welcome to request multiple agents.

ProperBird is founded to provide transparency in the real estate market. As an intermediary platform between seller and real estate agent, ProperBird is paid by the real estate agent for the customer acquisition after a successful sale.

Frequently Asked Questions as real estate agents

Transparency illustrates the actual performance of market participants, as information deficits and asymmetries no longer exist. Thus, conscious decisions can be made and the overall performance of the market increases, while the objectively good market participants are promoted.

The CHIP Top-Makler award is an objective quality feature that cannot be applied for. The award recipients are selected solely on the basis of their outstanding performance according to our analysis.

The CHIP Top-Makler certification is the first award that can be acquired exclusively through the objective performance of the realtors. It is an exclusive offer, which gives agents for the first time the possibility to prove their performance and quality after objective analysis and to demonstrate this to the home sellers.

In addition, we are turning the certification market on its head by giving purchasers the opportunity to convince themselves of the signal effect of the certification during a test period of 6 months. This is possible because in addition to the payment of a one-time amount, we offer a 12-month 0% financing with a minimum term of 6 months. Subsequently, the contract can be terminated on a monthly basis and the full license rights to the certification are acquired after 12 months.

CHIP is a renowned test magazine known above all for objective and transparent consumer tests. CHIP has been independently testing consumer-oriented products and services since 1978 and is therefore a very strong signal of trust in the German market. Since transparency and objectivity are very important to us personally and we support these values, we have decided to cooperate with CHIP.

Once you have acquired full licensing rights to the certification, it can be used for commercial purposes for life.

This is possible on our website Here you can enter your zip code and advertise your service in comparison with other market participants.

As part of the analysis, ProperBird collects all available data on German real estate agents on the Internet. Based on this data, a comparison of all real estate agents in a region takes place. In this way, the sales performance of an agent can be compared credibly, transparently and objectively.

Data protection is particularly important to us, which is why we only collect publicly available data from the largest real estate portals in Germany: immoscout, immowelt and eBay Kleinanzeigen. We collect the data from each advertised property and assign this data to the corresponding agent. We process this data by means of our algorithm to our own intellectual work and compare the performances of real estate agents locally.

We collect three measures of comparison that are weighted differently. These are: Offer Price (60%), Sales Speed (20%), and Sales Effort (20%).

Price: We also calculate the objective value of the ad using a CHIP-verified algorithm. We compare this reference value with the respective offer price. We average this percentage deviation across all your ads and then compare this value with your competitors.

Time: We collect our data from the web every day. This allows us to see exactly how long the ad was online. This creates an average for the speed of sale of their advertisements.

Effort: Here we refer to the amount of available images and length of texts per exposé, which are analyzed and then compared with competitors.

Licensees benefit from this award in three ways. On the one hand, our cooperation partner CHIP has a huge reach of 75 million visitors per month, which goes far beyond your existing customer base. In addition, this award is the first opportunity to demonstrate the objective quality that the agents have achieved over the past year.

And this pays off: after the acquisition of the license rights, two local newspapers became aware of a prime example, which now each conduct an interview with this agent. This means that the investment has already paid for itself, as his level of awareness has increased considerably.


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